Saturday, August 14, 2010

Podhigai Malai Kumaran

A visit to Thirunelveli Dt should cover important abodes of Lord Subramanya. Thiruchendur is a well known temple which draws large number of pilgrims everyday. The temple is kept open throughout the day to enable those who come late in the afternoon. In fact,it is the ideal time for the pilgrims who want to have peaceful dharshan at the sanctum. Of course, this may not be possible during festive days.

There are other temples of historic background in this district that do not draw huge crowds on non festive days. Kazhugumalai,near Kovilpatti is one such place where we find a rock cut temple for Subramanya. The Lord gives an unusual dharshan here with one head and six hands. Arunagirinathar has sung Thiruppugazh on this deity.

The peacock is normally on the right side of Muruga. But it is on His left at this shrine. Kazhukaachalamoorthi's sanctum is on an elevated place,well carved out of a huge rock. Temple Tank is close to the rock and well maintained. Subramanya's shrine faces west and Shiva's shrine faces East.

This temple belongs to Ramayana period when the bird Sambathi visited this place and worshipped the Lord to attain salvation. Ashtabandhana Mahakumbabishekam of this temple was conducted on 1.7.2010 and Mandalabisheka poorthi will be carried out on 15.8.2010.

Kurukkuththurai is on the outskirts of Thirunelveli. The sanctum is cut on a rock that lies right inside the river Thamrabarani. The flood waters enter the sanctum during rainy days and poojas will commence only when the waters recede.

There is yet another temple carved out of huge rock at Valliyoor. It can be reached by travelling on Thirunelveli- Nagercoil highway. One can see many small and big hills enroute that are delightful. Nanguneri is a famous vaishnavite pilgrim centre on the way. The road leading to Kalakkad passes through Valliyoor. The temple is situated 3 K.M away from the town at a place where there are not many houses nearby. Lord Subramanya and His Consorts give dharshan inside the cave which is cut out of the hill.

Ilanji is a place that looks like God's own country. It is surrounded by hills and paddy fields. Subramanya shrine is on the right of Shiva's shrine. The atmosphere is truly Godly and one has to experience it. It is said that the Murthi at the entrance represents Siva shanmugha , a combination of Shiva and Shanmugha (with 5 heads of Siva and 6 heads of Subramanya). Hence the Murthi has 11 heads) which can be seen rarely(probably only at this place). Lord Shiva is called "Iruvaaluga eshwara" as "vaaluga"denotes white sand. Since the Bhaanam is made is sand,abhishekam can be conducted after placing a "kuvalai"over it. Subramanya is called as "Ilanji Kumara" and "Varadharaja". Sage Dhurvaasa has worshipped Subramanya here and requested Him to stay at this place and bless all devotees. Saint Arunagirinatha has sung four Thiruppugazh songs on this deity.He describes the nature's abundant feast to the eyes at this place in one of his songs.

Aaikudi is a tiny village which can be accessed from Thenkasi. The Subramanya temple at Aaikudi is small but well known to His devotees.Once the prayers are fulfilled, the devotees draw the silver chariot of Balasubramanya and offer "Paayasam" to Him. The temple is situated on the banks of the river,Hanuman. "Padi Payasam " offer is unique to this place.